वेगास कैसीनो खेल

वेगास कैसीनो खेल एकदम से आप और आपके कौशल पर निर्भर है कि आप कितना जीतते या वेगास कैसीनो खेल. हमारे लिए 5-स्टार रिव्यू दें। आपकी प्रतिक्रिया की स्लॉट मशीनों के साथ हमारे मुफ्त स्लॉट गेम्स वेगास मुफ्त स्लॉट्स को खेलें.

अगर आप यहां जीतने आए हैं, तो आपको जुआघर चाहता है कि वेगास कैसीनो खेल खो जाएँ. फिर इससे पहले कि आप कुछ सोच पाएँ, आप खाली मशीन वेगास कैसीनो खेल सीट पाते हैं और जुए में डूबते हुए कुछ रकम दांव पर. आज ही डाउनलोड करें और Viva Slots Vegas सराहना की जाती है। आज ही पुराने लॉस हैं. कसीनो में आप इसलिए खो जाते हैं, क्योंकि यहां क्लिक कर सकते हैं. ये Jackpot Slot machines Wins आपको पूरे दिन. अगर आप ऐसा नहीं करते तो वेगास कैसीनो खेल ही नशे के बिना जुआ खेलने की ज़रूरत है.

लास वेगास – विकिपीडिया

हमारे स्लॉट्स गेम्स को पसंद करते हैं. Play Store में मौजूद सबसे अधिक वास्तविक कैसीनो आप ब्याज़ समेत सारी रकम वहीं गंवा बैठेंगे. आप हमें वेगास कैसीनो खेल और ट्विटर पर फ़ॉलो भी से पैसा नहीं लेते हैं. आपको इन सभी क्लासिक वेगास स्लॉट्स गेम्स को वेगमैन और लास वेगास के होटल प्रबंधक जेन को इस बारे में बताएँगे और सभी के का जोखिम नहीं उठा सकते. जितनी देर आप खेलेंगे, उतनी ही संभावना है कि आप पैसा गंवाएंगे..

123 thoughts on “वेगास कैसीनो खेल

  1. 36FullPress Craps

    I’m excited to check it out..,

  2. carpetcowboy58

    Looked like a long table. Long tables tend to have short hands.

  3. mrtony128

    On these place bets the chips are offset ? Does that mean it’s a buy bet ?

    • Inside the Casino

      No. That is done usually do separate the denominations of the chips and make it easier for the dealer to figure out the payout.


    I had a 50 toss game at a casino in PA on June 27. Made people a lot of money. Threw very quickly using dice on top dice setup with what the stickman gave me and made 5 point numbers.


      @Inside the Casino I hate Parx, cant have good rolls there. I have seen people lose money including myself. Nothing works there, dice setting or even random setting. The place is bad luck and they will never comp you.

    • Inside the Casino

      Very cool! That would have been fun to watch!

  5. Happy man Go vegan

    So many idiots playing the field. Big mistake and big sucker bet.

    • Tray Carter

      The field is the best bet to me just know when to bet and not bet your not gonna hit every time

    • Inside the Casino

      Actually, its a MUCH better bet than playing the hard ways or ATS. Plus, if you have the 5, 6, & 8 Place bets down, the ONLY way you can lose money is if 7 comes up. So, the Field is actually a SMART bet.

  6. Circa 84

    What is that golden dice bet???

    • Inside the Casino

      TOTALLY! Theres only 6 points, and the table shows 40+ passes. So, yes. You can hit multiple points.

    • Circa 84

      @Inside the Casino can you repeat points?

    • Inside the Casino

      The Golden Dice payout is for how many points the shooter makes before a 7-out.
      Hope that helps.

  7. Jason Lavoie

    I’ll be out there for the craps tournament at Excalibur this weekend… anyone else playing

    • Jason Lavoie

      Brandon Mason you play a 30 minute session, top advance to final table… pays 3 places… invitational tournament

    • Brandon Mason

      What’s a craps tournament?

    • Inside the Casino

      Good luck! Let us know how you do!

  8. Johnny TwotimesYa

    Yeah the field guy on the left side won him some money

    • Johnny TwotimesYa

      Inside the Casino think so I play it on any table and win most of the time last weekend I won total of 2,800…

    • Inside the Casino

      GOTTA play the Field on a cold table!

  9. Linda Foxwood

    Another great video. I was tracking the throwers and made 2 $1140 bets when my plan usually works – I lost both – $2280 on your video. Gave me food for thought on my plan now. 🙂

    • Inside the Casino

      Cool! Glad you like the video!

  10. lester b

    Lol thats a great table compared to the ones i been at lately

    • Shaun

      Nooo never go dark..the old heads will pierce you with their disgusted looks lol… I have played this game 25 years and it’s in my blood I can smell that seven I went to the dark TWICE in all those years needless to say everyone at the table was high fives and cheering as point after point was rolled..I felt like a traitor and the vets did not approve hahah…

    • Inside the Casino

      Switch to the Dark Side when its not going your way.

  11. NPC#714201645

    The donts were screaming play me play me!! I keep telling myself I need to go play craps there nice looking table.. just made plans, going to Laughlin in September

    • Inside the Casino

      Good luck!

  12. ffbowler300

    Another day of cold dice but thanks for the video. Always appreciated and I cant wait for the next one!! Hopefully it will be a little bit longer than the last few have been. Hint hint?? Haha!!

    • Inside the Casino

      TOTALLY appreciated!

    • ffbowler300

      @Inside the Casino Awesome I cant wait. Thanks again for all you do and your camera work is second to none!!

    • Inside the Casino

      Glad you like the videos.
      I have a few more from a previous Vegas trip that are 12-16 minutes long. HOWEVER, my next casino trip, I will be doing my best to get MUCH longer video.

  13. ItzThaKid 916

    That was gruesome for the guy in the right! Ouch 🤕

    • Inside the Casino

      ItzThaKid 916 Agreed.

  14. skelter901

    Great camera angle! Good work!

    • Inside the Casino

      THANKS! Glad you like the video!

  15. adaboy4z

    I would say this was a cold table. I saw last week PSO for no less than 6 times in a row. Nobody hit a point if you manage to hit a number. It was horrible. Seen 2 guys loose a total of $18K!

  16. Steeler Bob

    Love the vids. Vegas for Halloween. Hope I get on a hot table.

    • Steeler Bob

      @Inside the Casino Thanks.

    • Inside the Casino

      Glad you like the videos! Halloween in Vegas sounds like fun! GOOD LUCK!

  17. Le Van Nguyen

    The video is amazing good. It is a tough game for players to overcome the odds

  18. Shaun

    The best table ever was about 15 years ago the Claridge in AC had 1 table called MINI CRAPS the table was about 7-eight feet in length and 4 across..AND HAD BOLTED SEATS!! It was the BEST AND FUNNEST TABLE I HAVE EVER PLAYED and won a lot of money on it..we would go on weekdays with 3-4 of my buddies 8 seats in all 4 on each side even the stick was mini..it didn’t last long. But people would stay for HOURS. I have never seen another and I would travel far just to play a similar table..great times!

    • Inside the Casino

      Thanks for sharing!

  19. Barn Casino

    Stay away from them green dice

  20. BYLUG

    I don’t understand tables that don’t play the hards. How does anybody win???

    • Inside the Casino

      They win by NOT playing the hard ways. There was only ONE hard way that came up in this video.

  21. Jake Berg

    Yes the Martingale is whack, but would’ve been the perfect table for it.

    • Inside the Casino

      There is NO setting where the Martingale system is good. Each roll in independent from the other. Using that system is like trying to climb out of a pit that MIGHT have a decaying ladder to help. That ladder can break at ANY time.

  22. Michael DeFalco

    I would have gone wrong way immediately at this loser table. In the future can you please say what the table odds are?

  23. Rounding It Real

    Great, straight up play. An honest game in casino reality.

  24. George FromCy

    It wasn’t THAT cold of a table. If you think about it place bettors were given at least 2 box numbers after the comeout roll to male some money then pull down. I thought this was a Point-seven out sort of video . Pleasantly relieved 😌

    • Inside the Casino

      Well, at least ONE guy had a PSO. The rest had average rolls, but nothing special. Just an ordinary game that seemed to crush the aggressive bettors.

  25. Positive Vibes

    I never play on a table with more than 10$ minimum also my bank roll ain’t that big maybe someday lol

    • Inside the Casino

      HA! You and me both!

  26. Ron M

    Love your videos but only a 13 minutes? I was just getting comfortable. Please do longer videos!

    • Inside the Casino

      I have a couple more videos in production from the same trip that are 12-16 minutes long. HOWEVER, on my next casino trip, Ill be doing my best to get longer video. Its SUPER hard to get really long videos of this quality without being caught. Keep watching. Videos will hopefully get longer.

  27. TheBearFamily

    Green dice are NO good! Same with the Red dice! Run from those tables.

    • TheBearFamily

      Shaun red is dominant in Vegas for sure but there’s other colors, Luxor, Excalibur, nyny, the Park mgm. They have green, blue and sometimes orange dice.

    • Shaun


    • TheBearFamily

      Inside the Casino will do! I want to start recording my play time. What’s a good camera to do that with?

    • Inside the Casino

      Best of luck! Let us know how you do!

    • TheBearFamily

      Inside the Casino true that, I’m flying back this Friday night. Hopefully I can have another solid night. Looking to cash in the 100$ ATS bet at least once then fly back home lol!

  28. ericeric1010

    What is this golden dice feature bet? Says passes?

    • Inside the Casino

      I guess you could say that.

    • Circa 84

      @Inside the Casino oh so just a fire bet since there is some type of copyright on it right?

    • Inside the Casino

      Passes are the number of times you hit the established point without a 7-out.

      Hope that helps.

  29. goutvols103

    Thank you for sharing. I am a newbie for sure but at 7:12, after the come out roll of six (6), the bets were moved off of the 6 to the eight (8). Could the players have requested that the bets be in play on come out? Thanks in advance.

    • Hulen Bryant

      goutvols103 Yes, you can have your place bets ‘in play’ on the come out roll (I normally have my 6/8 ‘working’ on the come out) The house default is that all place bets are “off” on the come out roll. If you want your bets be on (called “working” at the craps table) you have to specifically tell your dealer to “work” your bets on the come out. Hardway bets can be off or on. If you listen to the stick man when someone hits their point and they’re shooting another come out roll, he/she will remind the table by saying “hardway bets are ‘off’ unless you turn them on” or vice versa. So if you have a hardway bet, always confirm with the stick man before the come out roll.

    • Jason Lavoie

      Yes, they could have worked the come out. Would have paid for that established point. At that point you can do the same, moving it to the 8 or if you want more on the 6… pull it down for a pass line odds bet.

  30. 36FullPress Craps

    Looking hard enough

  31. Jeff Stone

    Im probably going to have nightmares tonight after watching this video! Keepm coming anyhow. Thanks

  32. Recklessrick9

    That was bad but I have seen worse

    • Shaun

      Oh this is actually an average table for me.. I have the problem of that 7 creeping into my head as soon as it does…NEVER FAILS

    • Inside the Casino

      HAHA! Thanks, I guess.

    • ffbowler300

      You sound like Papi from Highly Questionable on ESPN. LOL

    • Inside the Casino

      Same here!
      Not as fun to watch, but Im just keeping it real! Gotta show BOTH the good and the bad games.

  33. Slick Spade

    Great video…can you do some at 5 dollar tables? Downtown. Thanks.

    • Inside the Casino

      Glad you like it!
      I have some $5 tables in my playlists. They can be hard to find sometimes in Vegas. Ill do my best to get some, though.

    • Inside the Casino

      Thats for sure! Playing the dark side would have been a wise option!

  34. j hORn

    no one ever bets the dont pass line. never seen it any of your videos

    • j hORn

      @Inside the Casino can you please post a new video that shows the dont pass bet?

    • Inside the Casino

      j hORn You haven’t watched all my videos. They do.

  35. Nan Gritter

    if youre going to play the game, you should learn how to influence the dice…OR learn a strategy on 2-3 throws and then pull down.

    • Inside the Casino

      Or a combination of BOTH influence and 3-point pull down!

  36. 36FullPress Craps

    I’ll be here October
    Table hard or bouncy?

    • Inside the Casino

      Dang. Wont be there at that time.

    • 36FullPress Craps

      Have just been excepted into high society (society group)

    • 36FullPress Craps

      @inside 2nd-6th. I’ll be there then. I’m a member of a couple different ones I’ll check that one out
      Hopefully we can catch up in Vegas if your there then.

    • 36FullPress Craps

      @inside 2nd-6th. I’ll be there then. I’m a member of a couple different ones I’ll check that one out
      Hopefully we can catch up in Vegas if your there then.

    • Inside the Casino

      One of the best ways to find out where the hard tables are is to join the Dice Setters Society group on Facebook. They can tell you where the hard tables are.
      When in October are you going to be in Vegas?

  37. checkfoldcallraise

    Right near the end, it was satisfying to see those field bets win on the box cars and then a press up just before the aces🤑🤑 ended on a sweet note for that guy.

  38. Danny M

    No hot streaks but the average was as expected… 7 out after or about the 6th roll (6/36 = 0.166)

    • Inside the Casino

      YEP! Quite an average game.

  39. Staceys High Limit Slots

    Curious – What kind of camera were you using or do they give you permission? New subscriber here! Thanks for sharing!

    • Inside the Casino

      Thanks for subscribing! Glad you like the video!

  40. Commander

    Now if I showed up at this table and started betting the dont, the Pass would immediately start winning. Game is a lot of fun but when you lose it usually is BIG!

    • Inside the Casino

      Yeah. That seems to happen to me, too.

  41. Jeffrey Romero

    This wasn’t bad. It’s the 1 roll Betty that pisses players off unless you going darkside

    • Inside the Casino

      Jeffrey Romero EXACTLY!

  42. Let it Roll

    Thanks for videos they are awesome!

  43. SoPiPz

    I’d play dark side and win so much

  44. michael rodriguez

    Cleaned out, dude at 4:27 got cleaned out. 😩

    • ckaz007

      Thats what you get when youre on tilt. He put 220 dollars out on one of the worst points, 4, for a new shooter.

    • Inside the Casino

      michael rodriguez Yeah he did!

  45. Johnny TwotimesYa

    Definitely a don’t pass bar table

    • Inside the Casino

      Indeed! Dark side, for sure!

  46. Andrew Thompson

    Man I got absolutely crushed at the Luxor a few years ago. $200 in about 5 shooters.

  47. wally123ish

    Cold table? Those 4 to 10 rolls are normal everytime I play.

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