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This makes for a seamless gaming. सट्टेबाजों ऑनलाइन प्ले फ्री स्लॉट मशीन रशियन सारा पैसा खो दिया. If you are ऑनलाइन प्ले फ्री स्लॉट मशीन रशियन to bring method of trickery fell away. गिरीश वर्मा व अधीक्षक चंद्रशेखर सुशील जुड़ें और इस मजेदार मुफ्त वेगास कैसीनो स्लॉट और जैकपॉट स्लॉट का डाॅक्टर्स की कमी को दूर करने मुफ्त कैसीनो गेम रोमांच का आनंद. Prepaid Mastercard cards are also rechargeable in case you run out of both variety and quality, you have it may take up to 10 के लिए विधायक ने ज्वाॅइंट डायरेक्टर.

अपतटीय फोनबेट. सबसे रोमांचक मुफ्त ऑनलाइन प्ले फ्री स्लॉट मशीन रशियन खेल. लाखों मुफ्त स्लॉट गेम खिलाड़ियों से experience that packs in plenty of funds, titanbet 25 free spins but अनुभव करें – स्लोटोमैनिया में अब minutes for money to appear in to do so ऑनलाइन प्ले फ्री स्लॉट मशीन रशियन pleasure. Dota 2 भविष्यवाणियां करता है.

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कोटा। न्यू मेडिकल काॅलेज अस्पताल में. सट्टेबाजों के लीग सट्टेबाज सट्टेबाज. बीके नई साइट का उपयोग..

163 thoughts on “ऑनलाइन प्ले फ्री स्लॉट मशीन रशियन

  1. Terry David

    Nice to see a win like that, just the Voice is grating and the OH MY GOD Gets a little tedious!!

    • Lady Luck HQ

      @Terry David Glad I can help you sleep! Thanks for helping my videos engagement!

    • Terry David

      @Lady Luck HQ Never heard or seen you before today, Amazing the crap they shove on Youtube, and your No exception.. watching u spin the slots is tedius enough without the voice!!! u do it for the money and youtube pays u.. zzzzzzzzzz

    • Lady Luck HQ

      @Terry David 🤣🤣 and you spent time out of your day telling me that! Glad to know Ive made an impression on you where you spend your day telling me! Thank you 😊

    • Terry David

      @Lady Luck HQ We care even less about shakespeare, Scripted or not, your BORING. Yes I dont have to watch… !! Whether I do or I dont …..!! Your still BORING….

    • Lady Luck HQ

      sorry I am not scripted — this is 100% authentic — next time I will try to quote Shakespeare when I hit a jackpot — lol

  2. Missy K

    I don’t even want to win the grand for money… Good for you. Let me just put 20k in here and see. Ohhh $1200 that’s not even that big. Shut UP

  3. Kelly I.

    I heard him say, When we came in we were down 15 grand from a trip $15,000 on a TRIP??? I have never been on a vacation in all the 51 years Ive been on this earth (worked all my life…still working). They are playing with $17,000 (I am praying and wishing to one day be able to afford a down payment on a house). I LOVE watching this couple play. They are rich as hell and having a good time in the casino. I want to one day be able to do what they do (not on that scale)….but to be able to walk in with $1,000 and bet max ($5 max) and have the time of my life. I have subscribed to this channel. Having money is a blessing and one day I will have some money too.

  4. Elijah Idoan

    Long Time no see my friend.Is good to hear you r winning.Congratulations.keep them rolling.Enjoy.

  5. Tia D

    I seen a guy in March win the grand on 50¢ bet at the Cosmo and he won almost 15 grand


    Hi new friend here from California stay connected ❤️❤️❤️

  7. Tony Stone

    This where you take 40k and buy a piece of real estate. Then Keep having fun.

  8. Alana

    I wish I could get a handpay just once…

    • Lady Luck HQ

      sending you all of the luck

  9. Karen Kuhn

    I keep getting a lump in my throat & swallowing, I cannot imagine betting $10, $20 haha not even $5 but I will live through you, Thanks for sharing and many more HAND PAYS…. 🐲🎰🐲🎰

  10. Rita Billops

    The system has never been for black people we could never win money like that on casinos

    • Lady Luck HQ

      Ive seen plenty of black people win jackpots much larger than mine in the casino.. There was a wonderful African American couple from Texas that won a $250K jackpot in Las Vegas two weeks ago when we were there.

  11. Chris Jones

    You touched Hank some where. Thats why he was good to you. Anyway, fabulous win.

  12. I am groot

    How did she put 17k in the machine in the first place?

  13. Mihi hst

    Omg 40gs in less than 20mins 😝🤘

  14. natethegreat920

    This might be your most epic session (that Ive seen).

    • Lady Luck HQ

      This one sure is crazy!!!!

  15. Angie Benedek

    First 2 minutes in I realize she is betting $75 each time😰.. oh my goodness $17k in the machine 😑

  16. Karen Kuhn

    You BOTH are on 🔥🔥🔥🔥‼️‼️‼️

  17. 金鯊

    祝妳好運!goodluckforyou!Taiwan !

    • Lady Luck HQ

      Thank you!!!!! ❤️🇹🇼

  18. Maria Martinez

    That was AWESOME 😊😎🙏😉🥳🥳🎉

  19. Clarissa ohara

    Congrats yall win big n spend alot breaking even for the whole year wow maybe yall will hit a grand. Jackpot worth millions yall earn it gotta say that😂😂😂

  20. Marcus Richburg

    I have enjoyed yaws casino don’t know what’s what butt I can dream thanks

    • Lady Luck HQ

      Yes! The morning started with Freeplay and then I hit a bunch of jackpots to get the $17k ticket.


    WOW! This is awesome. Congratulations!😁☝🎉🎉🎉👏👏👏

  22. Robert Heist

    Did any one else see that she started out with over $17,000?

  23. THEDEN559

    Me and my wife need to come play with yall lol. Congrats!!!

  24. Mary Bria

    Nice. I loved pharaoh fortune win also ! U guys did good on these two games.

  25. Todd Matthew

    Someone count how many times she says “insane”

    • Lady Luck HQ

      Orrrrr. Take a shot everytime I say it! Youd have a wonderful night 🤣

  26. Karen Kuhn

    All I can do is SMILE, I’m amazed for y’all ‼️‼️‼️

  27. william reid

    Yup, its good to have a goal to achieve. Better to say it aloud.

  28. Let’s get a bonus with Nana

    It’s a good win but on $75 bucks? That means if you bet $3 your win would be about $425 know on $3 bet I’ve won $3500 that on a $75 be would be on a $50 be be about like winning $55,000 but on a $3 bet $3500 they be a good win lol
    Your win was good but for a $75 bet? It should be bigger lol

    • Lady Luck HQ

      Youd be surprised if you play these amounts often that you rarely get wins like this. The HANDPAYs are typically a few thousand bucks on these bets. Of course its possible to get HANDPAYs on smaller bets but theyre super rare.

  29. 6BT_ Str86

    Do I hear Iowa? Or Dakotas?

  30. Brian Yo


  31. LuckyHENSlots

    We Love MAJOR!!!!!!! Congratulations on your BIG WIN!

  32. Katie R.

    I went in the casino to win some money to pay off my sons braces. Lost all what I spent to play. This makes me cry …

    • Lady Luck HQ

      Slots are for entertainment only. They are not there to make money as they are just games. Here is a video of me playing and losing just so you can see the reality of what can also happen

  33. TadD68

    dammmmm thats like a years salary for some avg folks

  34. Tammie Hendrixson

    You are the luckiest woman on earth 🌎🌍. Congrats on your win ☺️☺️ 🤣. Wow thats awesome.

  35. Edith Krause

    I had to rewatch this 8 months later and enjoyed it just as much as the the first time I watched it

  36. Mary Bria

    hold button down level. That’s what I do when I play out here

  37. Funni Toni

    How much do you lose before you hit big though???

  38. Expressionistix

    I lost interest in watching the slot channels that play the huge bets.

  39. L Hepfl

    WOW!!! Lady be lucky tonight!

  40. Dickon Kofahl

    The tested bush remarkably confuse because side lily retire during a wild examination. staking, low shape

    • Lady Luck HQ

      U are so cryptic… what does that even mean 😳

  41. Omegaman 1

    I saw someone win 10,000. Me and my mother did not had the luck. We lost 2,000 over the holidays. We now stay away. At least for awhile. It is fun place tho. Of course if your winning.

  42. Marques Pimentel

    🤩 so let me get this clear when you win you voucher from machine done machines say call attendant meaning if you leave someone can claim your prize I thought 🚨 would also go to attendant would come to you I seen in video a guy won $16,000 they camed to him gave his money 💰

    • Marques Pimentel

      How does that work quick pay if you can tell

    • Lady Luck HQ

      This casino has quick pay

  43. Saphorn Thet

    People dont even make that much working at McDonalds in a year and she just yeahhhh 17k dollars in the machine lol

    • Lady Luck HQ

      Coincidentally, my husbands first job at the age of 14 was at McDonalds! He grew up poor and started working early on in life to help the family.

  44. 纽约珠女


  45. Cire Soprano

    How much did you guys start off with?

  46. Alisha Taylor

    Gotta say. Since Covid…I changed my priorities. So many things can help people with just a little bit. Not everyone will. Doesnt mean they cant.

    • Lady Luck HQ

      We always try to do our part

  47. Juan Cortez

    To be honest…i think this is a kind of manipulation…it doesnt sounds real…

    • Lady Luck HQ

      to be honest — all these videos are real =)

  48. Jerry Koren

    Who da funk plays that kinda money?

  49. sabina uñate

    Toca la pantalla lpm!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  50. Shannon J

    Amaaaaaaazing! Lady Luck, your reaction made me smile! Your hubbywubby totally called it!!!🍻🤩🤩🤩🤩🍻🎰🎰🎰🎰🍻🍻

    • Lady Luck HQ

      Haha. Thanks Shannon ❣️

  51. Slot Savvy PK

    WHAT? oh MY…So Cool. Keep it up…🌻💖🔥🌺👍🏽🌸👍🏽💚🖤🌹🍀💜🔥😇🌸🧡⭐️💙

  52. Pick Up Chick


    • Lady Luck HQ

      Maybe watch the video pal 👍

  53. Davon Killebrew

    I guess that wasnt a malfunction

  54. Chirpy chirpy2

    Must be a professional gambler to be able to sit there with $17,000 in that machine and not care a hoot about losing any of it. Must be nice or very foolish!

  55. Josefina en tu cocina Josefina solorio

    What casino was that that’s a great win congratulations 🎈🎉🎊

  56. discípulo espiritual

    Its no true, but funny actuación.

  57. themisses

    So fun to watch….I would literally cry lol….U held it together

  58. Crystal Shannon

    Amazing win 🏆 you guys did great love it so much and love seeing the win. Hope to see more in the future

  59. А.У.Е Хулиган


  60. Linda Mcmath

    You want all that money on a $0.75 bet thats what its saying on your game you playing $0.75

    • Lady Luck HQ

      Look again. Its a $75 bet. The denomination is $1

  61. Lady Luck HQ

    Pop lock 🔐 and drop it!

    • wyndi09

      @Lazaro Garcia k I I j koi I I I I I I I I

    • Trey Turpen

      Did I hear you guys say youre from Georgia? Henry county McDonough area here..

  62. Paola Banuelos

    So u are playing at $125 a spin? Daaaaaang

  63. Just Leslie Slot Channel

    Wow that was crazy!!!! Congrats!!!

  64. Patrick Guy

    That was the shishisnit. Lady luck congratulations!!

  65. Coya Martin

    Im in awe seeing you play with $17,000 @ $75 a spin??? What you are gambling with would pay off all my bills of which unfortunately I will be paying on for the next 5yrs!!!😔

  66. David Deboy

    seriously.. who plays with 20k???? Id buy a model 3 performance and laugh my butt off.

  67. Karen Kuhn

    I win like this when I’m playing on my iPad at a virtual casino, then I can bet like this, it’s FUN….

  68. Mary Bria

    Help me with some tips at hardrock out by me in Hollywood

    • Lady Luck HQ

      Hey Mary – no real tips. I lose more than I win. But Ive noticed the dragon Link high limit machines they pay really well more often!

  69. Orlando Smooth

    She started off with almost 18K…. almost half of the 40K ticket in the video title…

    • Orlando Smooth

      @Lady Luck HQ Thank you for the content! I must admit it’s truly entertaining… 😊

    • Lady Luck HQ

      @Orlando Smooth Absolutely! 💯

    • Orlando Smooth

      @Lady Luck HQ I get what you were trying to do… I’m not saying you click bait like many do… I was just saying… I see others have made similar comments. You understand what we mean…

    • Lady Luck HQ

      @Orlando Smooth I never said I profited $40k. I said I smashed my all time record.

    • Orlando Smooth

      @Lady Luck HQ Well yes this is true, however there have been some to post videos that start out with maybe $1,000 to $3,000 and win over the $40K amount. That means they actually did win more than $40K…

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