स्लॉट स्लॉट मशीन खेलने के लिए स्वतंत्र

पैसे स्लॉट मशीन खेलते हैं. फुटबॉल सट्टेबाजी में 3 स्लॉट स्लॉट मशीन खेलने के लिए स्वतंत्र. Registered: Re: स्लॉट स्लॉट मशीन मैरियो स्लॉट गेम” में भावुक संगीत और उच्च नाटकशीलता है। इसमें धन प्रवाह को बनाए रखने और जीजी उद्धरण को रोकने के लिए प्रौद्योगिकी भी शामिल है; जीजी को ढेर उत्पादित सस्ती मशीनों के साथ एक पृष्ठभूमि पृष्ठभूमि। com.

नि: शुल्क स्लॉट मशीनों खेलने समीक्षा कर रहे हैं. कैसे खेलने के लिए एक असली पैसे के लिए खेलते. सभी वित्तीय खेल सट्टेबाजी की. फुटबॉल पर दांव लगाने का. फुटबॉल फ्रेंच प्रीमियर लीग की. स्लॉट स्लॉट मशीन खेलने के लिए स्वतंत्र ने 10 रूबल की शर्त लगाई. कैसीनो के खेल ऑनलाइन मुफ्त खेलने के स्लॉट स्लॉट मशीन खेलने के लिए स्वतंत्र.

पंजीकरण के बिना मुफ्त में मशीनों ऑनलाइन खेलते हैं. असली पैसे के लिए खेलते. ru में स्लॉट मशीनें चलाएं. खेल टेनिस सट्टेबाजी प्रणाली.

लूज स्लॉट मशीन ढूँढना

पर बोनस को नकदी में.

25 thoughts on “स्लॉट स्लॉट मशीन खेलने के लिए स्वतंत्र

  1. hotjazzbaby

    That disk loading mechanism is awful! That’s how those terrible car CD players used to load CDs. And also the Mac external CD burner that gave up on me early. I always hated how these mechanisms sucked in the disk. It also makes it harder to avoid fingerprints on your CDs.

    • remi mains

      I agree,dont know why it ended up in hifi i never put my cds a car cd player due to it being either easily scratched by handling it in and out that slot.

  2. A A

    I want to listen to my soundtrack of Jurassic Park on CD now with this. Need to visit Colorado 😎

  3. MrSrPerns

    Whats the difference with a CD player and a CD transport?

    Greetings from Mexico!

    • Audio Arkitekts

      What Mark said! Thanks for joining from Mexico! Espero que estes bien 👍🏻

    • Mark Long

      A transport doesn’t have a built in DAC. You either use an external DAC or one built in with an integrated amp (if any).

  4. Hi-Fi Haven

    Man Mike that is a sweet looking unit. Heavy unit = Less vibration = Steady Lazer. On my two channel system I have a nice heavy Krell player. I really need to upgrade my player in my TV room. I am a CD geek! We have 1400+. Great video Mike, enjoyed it!

  5. Alex Elói

    Wow, Im the first to watch, nice man, congrats from Brazil! Nice transport

    • Audio Arkitekts

      Thank you so much 😊

  6. Talha Butt

    Yeahh there is a difference between cheap vs PRO cd transports.

  7. Jim Shaw

    Move over, Andrew Robinson. Really? US$1500 to make CDs go in and out, and roundy roundy, but not play them without a DAC?

    Il meglio è linimico del bene. -Voltaire
    Like reading a newspaper with a magnifying glass doesnt make the news any better. -Me

  8. Mark Long

    What other DACs did you try with this transport (besides the Topping E30)?

    • Audio Arkitekts

      I used the one that came with the Parasound P6 and it sounds phenomenal! Great DAC inside that unit. Going to be testing it with the SMSL SU-9 soon too I’ll keep you posted!

  9. Robert Jansen

    Is the DD15 really made in Sweden or some place else? I need to know what I am buying.

    • Robert Jansen

      @Christiaan Teunis thank you!!

    • Christiaan Teunis

      Designed in Sweden. Made in China, checked in Sweden

  10. Lrd Magoo

    What’s a good, modestly priced, CD player that allows bypassing the internal DAC?

    • Audio Arkitekts

      I’d say Audiolab or Cambridge. Check out their offerings. You can find something very good quality at a great price.

  11. paz newis

    Beautiful design. Matches my Scandyna reciever 😏🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🎱🐙🙏

  12. timjp31

    I agree I have the same unit in my system, the build quality and clean low noise signal are superb!

  13. b west

    As a longtime Primare amp and cd transport owner, it’s great to see Primare products garnering more visibility in the market. They still are a very small obscure company in the hi fi space. But their products truly are works of art in both sound and design.

    • Audio Arkitekts

      I absolutely love mine

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