पंजीकरण के बिना स्लॉट मशीनें मुफ्त बैरल

पंजीकरण के बिना मुक्त करने के लिए स्लॉट मशीन एक हथियारबंद डाकू खेलते हैं –

टैंक मुक्त स्लॉट्स खेलते हैं. असली पैसे के लिए फोन के लिए. फोन के लिए फोनबोन संस्करण. काम कर रहे दर्पण बी. ऑनलाइन स्लॉट मशीनों के एमुलेटर पंजीकरण के बिना स्लॉट मशीनें मुफ्त बैरल खेलते. ज्वालामुखी में स्लॉट मशीनों में पैसे के. कैसे एक phonbet पर शर्त लगाने के.

खेलों के लिए मुफ्त पूर्वानुमान. मैं यूक्रेन असली पैसे कैसीनो. एक पंजीकरण के बिना स्लॉट मशीनें मुफ्त बैरल कैसीनो बोनस मिलता है. लाइव बेट लाइन मिरर प्रवेश आज.

पंजीकरण और पैसे के बिना स्लॉट मशीन खेलते हैं –

जैक कैसीनो खेलते हैं. समुद्री डाकू स्लॉट 2 खेलते हैं. एक्टुआसियन्स कैसिनो डे टारागोना..

121 thoughts on “पंजीकरण के बिना स्लॉट मशीनें मुफ्त बैरल

  1. Elango Elango

    I cant understand anything from your fastest news reading.

  2. dimphna antony

    Seems to be fraud. The registrations are being cancelled.

  3. Sachin Tomar

    Not working … No hospital for below 45 currently… this is Digital india

  4. The Boss

    Then y the hell are you even registering

    • Richard Joseph

      Its like enrolling in government employment exchange😅

  5. Himansu sekhar Jena

    Arogyasetu app not open.

  6. halleshwar mukku

    Arogya setu app not working..18+ registration not yet happening… Otp does not generate.. Lot of issues even on Umang

  7. Overlord 666

    Well done 👏 you make website for only REGISTER but where is login ?


    Aroga app is not accept registration for covid vaccine^ for 18+ age

  9. Sab ka baap

    baakwas mat Karo 45+ age ko sirf registration ho Raha naki 18 + Sab jaga ghaplabaji ho Raha hai

  10. Jayesh Rajai

    Sirf 4 members hi add kar sakte hai zyada nai??????

    Please please reply 🙏

  11. Mohammed Pk

    No vaccine centres available in my district..
    No appointments or slots..

    • Mohammed Pk

      @Antony who asked you anything.

    • Fun Facts 🤪

      Havent you gone for Kumbmela

    • Antony

      Muslims dont get affected by virus because Navi saves them.

  12. e Kapte

    Not Working for below 18 years. Is it todays ajenda to engnage people .


    My Registration complicated

  14. b p

    i try it for several days..no slot available in my city Ernakulam.Kerala

    • Basu Vivek

      I registered using cowin website but slot booking was not showing . I closed the tab . Now there is no link for already registered people to book slots .
      Should I again register ?

    • Shamal Muhammed

      I dont guarantee this is gonna work but try this;
      Find a vaccination centre in remote panchayat (less crowded). And visit the centre after 3:00PM.
      The logic behind this is that some people wont show up after scheduling their appointment and youll get that vaccine.
      Also I heard from a source that once the vaccine is opened they should use it that day itself or else itll get expired. You can try your luck. Both my parents got vaccinated 3 days back like this.

    • beeen jockes

      Exactly brother…The window screen is showing it only above 45+no slot available for 18.age to 44…

  15. Harsh johri

    Mene book kia tha slot vaccine ke liye 18+ wala, aj ka tha.. Aj mai ja nahi paya kuch reason ki waje se.. Or abhi mere ko msg aata hai successfully vaccinated….. Jab mai vaccine lagwane gaya nahi toh ye successfully vaccinated kaese hogya?? Certificate aara hai website par download krne ko…. Dubara same ID proof se registration bhi ni hora hai… Kya chakkr hai ye..

  16. Amethyst Gem

    No vaccines till now…….

  17. Rahul A Pawar

    Guys today at 4 pm its opened up for public, obviously there will be traffic and failures, so leave it for a while.

  18. Sampati Nirugonda

    Dont know an anchor name but she has an Excellent speaking skills………

  19. Childish Professor

    Did cow can inhale the oxygen and does they exhale the same ?

  20. pradeep kumar

    This is digital know Our vaccine and servers will be like that only .

  21. Kishore Kumar

    I was vaccinated for first dose on 16/3/21& told a message will come to my mobile about my vaccine details but it never came. Now 8 weeks have passed and I am not able to book a date for second dose.
    I provided my aadhar no & mobil no at the time of 1st dose. How can I come to know my first dose details?
    Please help

  22. Phoenix Fire

    Is it just me or is there only voice coming from one side of your heaphone/earphone ( only on this vid lol )

  23. Kiran Kumar

    It shows no vaccination center in my area

  24. killer boy

    can u believe indian govt website is hosted on an american website hosting company lol

  25. rpatidar4530

    हिंदी में बोल गेली

  26. Abhilash Mehera

    Should i register for getting covaxin in private hospital??

  27. Arshad Shaik Mohammed

    Its not working showing age is not 45yrs

    • padma priya

      @Basu Vivek its not work. It showing minimum age limit for booking 45+

    • Basu Vivek

      Use cowin website directly not from arogya setu . It will work


      You Can Just Register Not Book for Vaccine

  28. Flexter 1.6

    i though my left earphone is gone for good

    • The HAM guY

      Yeah lol 😂
      I also thought the same
      Then switched some music and it was working properly
      Guess the videos wrong

  29. Shivam Hire


  30. suresh kumar

    Its cheating, no body getting. Dont confuse the public.

    • Kailash _007_

      🤣🤣🤣 chu*ye bann re ho

    • Hari Sriram

      Use the website instead of app. The website is more responsive

  31. Riddick 4Ever

    I m not even getting otp, its a joke app… whoever developed this just bunch f dumbs..

  32. r gopal

    useless app not at all working just like govt the app is also not working useless

  33. Broken Demon

    audio: aight ima head right

  34. Sathish Kumar

    HD mink pick go no nbnkoll

  35. Avinash Kumar

    Not working no hospitals displaying for scheduling vaccine

  36. Rohan Kumar

    Thanks mam for the information.

  37. Usha A

    Is there any timings for the app to be open

  38. Krishna

    गोदीजी ऍप चालू नही ये news headline बनाव

  39. Dharmendra Reddy

    Otp nahi aa raha hai

  40. Prakash M

    What the hell is happening in most Northern states? Southern states are well planned & efficient,quick in mobility…shame to those CMs in those affected Northern States

  41. Dinesh Kumar

    Vaccine registration me centre pr mobile no. ka one digit galat enter ho gya.Ise kaise sudharen.

  42. Prem Adhikari

    Its a Government App, so it will work only from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM….😋😋😁

    • Vontabi

      ​@Harrish Sankoji I cant comprehend the fact that the joke actually went over your head lmao

  43. Richard Joseph

    Still says only available for 45yrs and above

    • Shardool Thakur

      Use cowin app or visit site, it is updated

  44. but I dont think I Sonu


  45. JudgementRavi JudgementRavi

    Actually I against da former finance Minister P.Chidambaram but recently given da statement abt Modi government n media drama highlited brilliant bcaz now I little realised abt him who da great finance minister n great adviser for UzpA government 👍🏽dan lack. Of experience Nirmala seeth Raman BJP n unsit for n unrelated post of Defence minister🦵

  46. Rahul Sharma

    Abe yrr ghnta vaccine lgayegi government slot to hai nai

  47. Talk caffe

    I got vaccinated twice, each i paid 600.

  48. Maharaja sayajirao

    18 – 44 Year not registered

    • Bijoy Koothan

      It will be ok from tommorow IG

  49. Wars daddy

    Kya PM full guarantee Dete Hain Ki vaccine Lagane se side effect Nahin hoga ?

    • CHANDU waiting for a miracle...........

      I was offered a free vaccine a couple of months back under the government employee category refused to take the vaccine and Im still not vaccinated. why? Because I am allergic and phobic to untested vaccines which has a 50% probability of fatality if something goes wrong and also suspicious about it. So if you have similar attributes then dont go for it else just get it immediately!

    • Wars daddy

      @krishna sara OK loude thanks for advice 👍

    • krishna sara

      Arey loude just dont get vaccine

    • Ravi Goswami

      Ye guaranty to koi vaccine k nahi hoti bhai.

  50. Shiv Shankar Pandit

    Since I have already been vaccinated on 22/04/2021 of 1st dose but till date I have not received any message of the Ist dose.

  51. napoleon bonaparte

    Registered but vaccines not available in centre

  52. Mr Rango

    The health infrastructure collapsed now even the online portals & apps are crashing! What to do?

  53. Manish Chitre

    I dont think there must be a how to. 18+ guys will know it already.

  54. Krishnan Ch

    Do you have remedy to solve slot for vaccination. Regn. people can…News is wel-known. Any special help for.people of Kerala ? Mal-practice in software for regn. is on the increase.

  55. Ankush

    Registered for everything but guess what, vaccines arent available in the centre.

    • Tuhin Bhattacharjee

      @Galaxy Girl same here in Kolkata

    • Lisha Pradeep

      @Suganya Rathanvel yddjbxaarjoodgz Gandhi of to IIS risk FDI sh FL do FL do FL do fssgj

    • Suganya Rathanvel

      4z RR. Ow o w wko 48ksskskw

    • Lisha Pradeep

      Its frknn unavailable everywhere even in South

    • Galaxy Girl

      For me I got vaccination centers are unavailable till July and this is in Pune and Mumbai. Wow 👏.

  56. Bhagyesh Gayakwad

    Please let me know how to login back ??🙏🙏

  57. suresh ku

    നിനക്ക് കൊറോണ ആണ് ഒരു സംശയം വേണ്ട

  58. Prithvi Raj

    So the private parties will decide whether to give or not😅👏

  59. Charles Murray

    Dont register, the vaccine will kill you!

  60. narendratechhub

    For me it is showing as not allowed to register for 18 to 45

  61. Akash Deshmukh

    What is the website for registration ?

    • Akash Deshmukh

      @Shreeraj Niwate Tq 😊

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