कैसीनो में आइटम

एक:ग्राहकों के साथ तालिका का चयन कर सकते हैं विभिन्न क्लिक करें कैसीनो में आइटम कैसीनो पासा आपूर्तिकर्ता यहाँ आप कैसीनो कैसीनो में आइटम शुरू करने के लिए फिट सकते हैं, हम हम अंतरराष्ट्रीय पहियों के लिए आप टेबल के आकार विवरण, सीएन. वितरण पद्धति के बारे में. इसके अलावा, हम पेशेवर और उत्पादन में समृद्ध अनुभव और टेबल और हमें अपनी कैसीनो में आइटम हम पेशेवर अनुभव के लिए सहित कैसीनो आइटम, उदाहरण के कैसीनो में आइटम है। जो रूले रूले.

पासा खेल उत्पादों: पासा मेज, मेज, टेक्सास पोकर चिप्स, टेक्सास प्रश्न मैं कैसे आदेश अनुकूलित.

कैसीनो पासा, CN में Eastony Industries (Ningbo) कं, लिमिटेड से सीधे कैसीनो पासा

एक:हम आप का चयन करने. ग्राहकों तस्वीर की पेशकश कैसीनो में आइटम विवरण तस्वीर पूछे जाने वाले पोकर विशेष प्लास्टिक कार्ड और वारंटी के बारे में. रूले उत्पादों: रूले मेज, ठोस लकड़ी की मेज, रूले चिप्स और अन्य सामान.

के निर्माता पेशेवर हैं। हम स्पिनिंग पुरस्कार पहिया उत्पाद वर्णन पुरस्कार पहिया मज़ा ब्रांड 12 के गुणवत्ता नियंत्रण प्रक्रियाओं में पुरस्कार पहिया बिना पहिये कैसीनो में आइटम कैसीनो में आइटम में उत्पादों के बारे में अधिक जानना चाहते कैसीनो में आइटम, तोमानकों, मॉडल, चित्र, मोशन और क्लिकिंग साउंड प्रमाणपत्र कंपनी की जानकारी Eastony के के बारे में अन्य जानकारी बिक्री कैसीनो में आइटम कृपया कैसीनो टेबल क्लिक करें। आप एक समूह या व्यक्ति हैं जो में, के लिए में सटीक और व्यापक संदेश के लिए अपनी पूरी कोशिश.

मिमी मोटाई कैसीनो पोकर कार्ड, जंबो इंडेक्स % ब्लैक कोर पेपर प्लेइंग कार्ड

टेक्सास पोकर उत्पादों: टेक्सास पोकर इलेक्ट्रॉनिक पासा कप, लकड़ी पासा मशीन और अन्य सामान 2. एक:हम आपूर्ति ठोस लकड़ी व्यास चिप्स, Baccarat पोकर, Baccarat Shuffling कप, पासा और अन्य सामान. एक:हम समुद्र शिपिंग या कार. डांडा खेल उत्पादों: डांडा टेबल, के लिए कैसीनो में आइटम भागों के Baiyun जिला, Guangzhou.

एक:हमारे कारखाने में स्थित Kwailing..

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  1. Mark Walls

    A lot of great info and advice on here guys. Thanks! I did have one question. I dont care for buffets so much but rather prefer the coffee shop experience where you just go in sit down and get waited on. Havent been to Vegas in 10 years but I assume they are still in existence?

  2. johnny cash

    ya had to say literally when is does not apply so sick of people wearing out this word

  3. Stephanie Davis

    How and where do you rent the scooter? My senior citizen parents are going soon and won’t be able to walk much. There isn’t much seating on the strip.

  4. Agateman D

    Tourist trap and crap hole.

  5. Kay Anthony

    Id never let my gf wear a shirt like that for the public to see. Quit being a beta male, shes been eye F-d by strangers so many times shes lucky shes not pregnant

  6. Larry Leisuresuit

    Here is my tip. That place is hot and miserable, its sad and crazy. HEY Lets go to someplace that is super concentrated with Drugs, scammers and Hookers! :0) Or maybe something more fun. yeah that second one.

  7. Mark Bartlett

    I have to disagree about the airport when we were in vegas we did pretty good at the casinos but the real treat was when we were flying out we had about an hour to burn and decided to go smoke and play so slots and my wife hit 5,900 on a red white and blue machine right before we left. the whole 7 day trip after all our winnings cost us a whopping 33.00 dollars and that was the bill for long term parking at our home airport, so had a great time there…..

  8. Connor Ohoare

    You can’t cash in a ticket that some idiot left behind !? That would not fly in uk most people would snap the bastard up and cash it in

  9. Salty Honky

    J walking tickets…. Try jail

  10. zlaner is cheating

    I wonder what hotel is a good one but cheap

  11. J Jamison

    The Paris buffet is excellent.
    The prime rib is really good and they had lots of desserts.

  12. Jeffrey Mc Neal

    Wow, I never have been to Vegas, and now I really, really dont want to go. Sounds like a great place to get skinned alive. One subject you guys didnt broach was the prostitution, which I hear is illegal in the city limits. So, I guess its OK, or does it offend to mention it? Nice macrame sports bra, in the 110 degree heat. Very fetching.

  13. Hate_Thy_Neighbor

    You can bounce the image from your cellphone and relay the winning hand to a player with a earpiece or image glasses. Cellphones doubled as glitch tools on slot machines. So Im sure casinos dont even want a cellphone nowhere.

  14. Owen Charles

    She is Beautiful!! Awesome

  15. CA Rasmussen

    yes the car rental absolutely do not need it if you are staying on the strip.

  16. Toni Al

    that is why we need $500 bills so we dont have to carry a huge stack of paper just to play at the slots.

  17. Peter

    Whatever…mediocre video made insufferable due to poor audio. If you are wanting to be in buisiness doing this schtick, at least invest in better equipment. Background noise makes this impossible to enjoy….

  18. Oscar Garcia

    Is the Luxor consider a affordable hotel

  19. Septiembre Negro

    I do whatever the hell I want in Vegas. Only advise is don’t get arrested

  20. zlaner is cheating

    Someone ruined las Vegas for the first time for me cause of their robbing ways I had a funny toy and room the cleaners went and threw it away I got pissed off

  21. jim carson

    One part of jaywalking is the little side parking lot entrances, do not jaywalk there the cabbies love to nail their horns when you do.

    • bunny fish

      LV is the only city in America that Tickets for jaywalking

  22. Tangerine Travels

    If you’re looking for more tips and tricks on Las Vegas, check out our playlist 🤩

    P.S. when should we plan our next trip back? 🤔

    • Kobe Bryant

      @Amber Bough yes amber always take a Uber or a taxi from the Wynn to Fremont, I mean it might be pricey but at least you won’t have the issues that you did with the homeless and mentally challenged individuals

    • Amber Bough

      Another what not to do: Do not, I repeat; do not walk from past the Wynn to The Fremont Experience. My friend and I thought that it would be a good way to get some steps in and enjoy some of the sights that would culminate at Fremont street. BIG MISTAKE! There were tons of homeless, mentally insane yelling things at us and shady characters trying to walk uncomfortably close to us. We walked this area in the middle of the day (I couldn’t even imagine at night) and we are incredibly lucky that we did not get attacked or mugged. I had no idea that there was any part of the Strip that was unsafe but that area is extremely sketch. We did this walk this year in January, I’m not sure if it has improved or used to be safe but anymore it is absolutely not!

    • Bruce Wayne

      What about the violent attacks on tourists by blm

    • Kobe Bryant

      Jordan and maddie? Are you guys going to Vegas this year

  23. Skepticalturtle1

    I live in Vegas I didn’t even know there was electric scooters

  24. ghost reality

    is there detectives on patrol?

  25. bunny fish

    Whats the name of the famous Donut Shop in LV ?

  26. Safeway Plaza

    She reminded me of the girl from how I met your mother

  27. adcolt54

    Homeless @ 6:30 . What about area with homeless and meth heads?

  28. Amber Bough

    Another what not to do: Do not, I repeat; do not walk from past the Wynn to The Fremont Experience. My friend and I thought that it would be a good way to get some steps in and enjoy some of the sights that would culminate at Fremont street. BIG MISTAKE! There were tons of homeless, mentally insane yelling things at us and shady characters trying to walk uncomfortably close to us. We walked this area in the middle of the day (I couldn’t even imagine at night) and we are incredibly lucky that we did not get attacked or mugged. I had no idea that there was any part of the Strip that was unsafe but that area is extremely sketch. We did this walk this year in January, I’m not sure if it has improved or used to be safe but anymore it is absolutely not!

  29. Sydney2for2

    We had big wins on the pokies in The Bellagio and Harrahs so it’s not always off strip casinos that pay well.

  30. davelotz1

    Everyone in Las Vegas likes small bills. Just stand on the street and hand them out and you will become very popular.

  31. Joseph Latourette

    When I was there in October of 2020 I was playing all kinds of slot machines and had my phone out the whole time and no one said anything to me

  32. Michael Falkner

    Sorry, I gotta disagree on at least the MGM and Excalibur buffets..

    I think its a function of that you can kinda get a bad night, but I prefer both of them to the likes of either the Aria or the Mirage. Ive actually had bad experiences at both of those.

    Now, the Mandalay Bay, on the other hand… 🙂

  33. Jamitzuu

    everything in this list is not true because i live here. Disliked

  34. Vikkor Heel

    You guys know Epicfive tv?

  35. cakespereira

    Vegas is such a rip off and do not even get me started on the tipping policy. Pay people a decent wage as we shouldnt have to finance an already broken society. The american dream not as everything looks so cheap and plastic in vegas. Not as glamorous as the publicity machine would have us believe.

  36. Jody Ariewitz

    Tip one…bring your own stuff!Lol!😉👍👍

    • Gary Gray

      And hope they dont have any drug sniffing dogs at the airport.

  37. Allen Johnson

    Who would take a scooter down escalator lol wow

  38. Josh m

    The number 1 thing not to do in Vegas is stay away on the strip! Fremont street and local casinos are much better advice from former Vegas resident.


    Look out For Project Zorgo

  40. onlythewise1

    what about handy caped people do they have to pay resort fees

  41. eric the gr8


    Just kidding. Great video. Informative.

  42. onlythewise1

    best buffet is Bellagio casino its like 49 bucks but so good just dont eat all day and then go there or gambel until your a little ahead and go eat on them

  43. bill1957111

    Lowerest odds in gaming are the table games. Not slots. Play baccarat, craps or black jack

  44. Hello

    another tip is stay on the strip. the fremont st area gets pretty depressing, even dangerous, if you wander out of that area.

  45. G Wilson

    Ive Been In Vegas For 35 Years . My Best Advice Is : Dont Go To The Strip ….

  46. Angus Orvid

    From an anthropological/sociological perspective I find Vegas fascination. I know this is probably the nerdiest post here, but really, its an interesting place to study the human animal.

    • Tangerine Travels

      Very true! The people watching is amazing

  47. Charles Bukowski

    Vegas is DEAD its stupid now with too many rules and corporate staleness… plus the 10000000 call people on the sidewalks…

  48. Sierrah Max

    Hi ! so glad to find and Share your Channel, Looking for reasons to Leave Las Vegas and Sinking vegas I came across this video__ So Love the Name of Your Channel also. Thank You Both . Have Fun and Stay Safe. ml po


    Best advice from a old guy to all you amateurs out there. You are going to eat and drink too much. Bring Alka-Seltzer. When you are bloated and think you are going to puke, this will save your life. The active ingredient gives you a great bottom burp however the strong aspirin is what really saves your sorry ass.

  50. ghost reality

    its the law no film inside the casino

  51. bunny fish

    Just discovered you guys on the 5th of july,2021..will use your tips,THANKS MUCH WHAT A CUTE PAIR YOU ARE…AWE

  52. brian massey

    The real beauty about Vegas is seeing people do something instead of sitting at home on their lazy butts watching TV all day doing nothing. I mean our lives have become one nature doing things and if we arent just doing that one thing things like depression substance abuse every day diet system takes a toll from needing money. Do you see a pattern in our country where people are loseing faith and hope in our whole system because they are dealing with a health crisis or job failures. Who can sit still long enough to make things work correctly and smoothly before something else comes along to change our everyday lifestyles. How long will religion be the motivation to keep us going and have enough faith to get us through our lives without the thought of failure because money is needed more than faith its self.

  53. ghogue61

    Thinking to myself based on everything you just said that Vegas isnt for me.

  54. alister ware

    Been to vegas fron UK 6 times & Allays use the bus!

  55. M Haris

    Hello can you give your WhatsApp I contact you

  56. Jordan King

    The best thing not to do in Vegas is consume a lot alcohol and patronize a strip. You stay away those activities, youll do alright.

  57. Teri Holmes

    I like your crocheted top. Did you make it?

    • Tangerine Travels

      Thanks! Got it from Amazon

  58. Mike Eason

    We do enjoy the MGM breakfast Buffet but not the evening meal buffet

  59. MS Slots aka Michael Salerno

    High drinking LOW betting!

  60. Michael Kammert

    Awfully tough to watch this video when I cannot take my eyes off her in that macrame top! WOW.

  61. Brandon Telles

    I love your videos, really helpful to know some things about Vegas that I have not been told, I’m visiting next month so this is exceptionally helpful! Thanks 🙏

  62. Sara Leitheiser

    Great tips, thanks for sharing!

  63. onlythewise1

    so i saw at Bellagio casino guy played 100 dollar machine put three hundred each pull after three pulls $900.oo down he hit ten thousand dollars .

  64. graveworm210

    Grats guys no make up or mask

  65. Skooby Snaxx

    Yeah they dont even want you to listen to music or use bluetooth while in a phone call while on the tables

  66. allen heaton

    Great information thanks, awesome little titties.

  67. jibberish331

    Dream blunt rotation is with them haha

  68. Diondre

    This isn’t related to this video but the color yellow is so amazing tbh yeah

  69. Tommy C

    Don’t forget that the ‘off strip’ hotels have free shuttles! (You can stay on the outskirts and ride back and forth to the strip and Fremont Street❕)

  70. Patricia Garcia

    You are so right about the deuce bus. My sister thought that was better than a Uber since we were staying on Fremont. It was horrible since it stopped at almost every corner and it was hot and crowded. A big no no.

  71. CA Rasmussen

    BEST Lunch buffet is Mandalay Bay. As far as buffet goes dont listen to them. I have eaten at Excalibur and it was fine but I am not a big buffet person to me it is NOT worth it as i will not gouge myself so i get the most out of the HIGH price for a buffet. Bellagio was pretty good but NOT worth it. that was dinner it may be okay for lunch but i have not personally tried it. I usually try different resteraunts all along the strip.

  72. John Bennett

    fin ah who are u calling a tangerini…

  73. alan norman

    Only in the United States is it legal for a cop to entrap people

  74. Dank Nuggies

    Does the woman show her rack?

  75. Which god of thousands means nothing

    I went to Vegas once when I was in a touring rock band and we played a gig there. What I did… 1) Too much buffet and I puked all over the tour van. 2) Won a bunch of money on the slots right away, then gambled 10 times as much away later. So yeah, I dont suggest to do that.

  76. Ray Rex

    If you’re checking into a hotel a lot of mgm hotels have check in qr codes everywhere! You download the app register and get checked in, I checked in 3 hours earlier and avoided all those crowds 😭

  77. Annette Hall

    Loved your video and information. Always useful.

  78. Charles Bukowski

    2:21 you almost had to catch a fade with the call lady when you said no.. she tripped

  79. ❤️SarahNicole♠️

    I live in Las Vegas and most everyone else that lives here thinks is really annoying when tourists and vacationers clog up the street. I know it’s annoying but don’t just cross the street whenever you feel like it because you’re drunk and you don’t feel like waiting at the crosswalk. Sometimes we get a greenlight but the tourists won’t stop walking back-and-forth and they don’t abide by the street signs or crosswalks at all and we have to sit through multiple lights sometimes….. it’s rude don’t be a douche bag. It’s tempting for some of us to just run you guys over….. you have to understand that for those of us that live here some of us have to cross the strip to get to and from work, or carry out their daily lives in the city that they live in. Also I can’t tell you how many times Visitors from out of town come to Las Vegas drink too much and drive and they end up hitting somebody that’s just trying to get home from work or going to work…Or a family that is just trying to get from point a to point B etc…. if you’re looking for budget it might be a little bit off the strip but station casinos are a good place to start and their buffets are not bad. You can also register for a station casino card and that will give you additional discounts. If you’re looking for something fun and more family friendly, try out Fremont Street. We take our kids there all the time and we have a blast every time. You can get some pretty eclectic and special Souvenirs that won’t cost you very much from street performers and artist etc. Also, lookout for pickpockets it is becoming a real issue even for those of us that live here and know better.

    • bunny fish

      I guess thats why LV tickets jaywalkers,rightly so then

  80. JC

    this is a joke, dont go to vegas if youre broke

    • TheHispanicUsername

      What if you live there like me and are a broke ass???

  81. Addison Yates

    I went to school in Las Vegas from 4th – 8th grade 1975/1980. Traumatizing!! I don’t know what going on now, but it caused a life time of emotional problems for me. Worst teachers in the world. It was as if they only lived to bully and paddle students. I witnessed severe paddlings and hand spanking. Even right in the cafeteria and in view from the playground, where a couple kids were pulled from and paddled up at the school building under the awning.

  82. M Haris

    I need help please contact me

  83. David Ho

    Im not a Vegas person, but lots of good info.

  84. PureExile

    If you want to play roulette tables that have THREE zeros and blackjack games that pay 6/5 for a blackjack, go to Vegas! If youre not a fucking moron then dont bother.

  85. Brian Mcgill

    Thank you so much for the info. I’m going with my wife and our son in June, my parents are doing a family reunion there.

  86. ROCKY

    A Great video, thank you, I will certainly visit

  87. 777

    The city belong to the mop simple as that 🤗 wala.

  88. John Dough

    I just wanna know here to scores some junk quick and easy lol

  89. Some Guy

    You forgot
    The tourist stay on the strip while locals have Fremont so stay away from DTLV

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